I get Lando, You get Lando, Everybody gets…

On Alpine Windows Subsystem for Linux

Yesterday morning I wrote an article on installing Lando into Ubuntu WSL 2, using the latest and greatest Docker Desktop (release 3.2.x).

If you are one of the 3 anonymous cats and 1 rottweiler dog that follows this blog, you probably figured out that I’d be a matter of when


Update your WiFi drivers

In the recent weeks I’ve been running into issues when cloning from remote Git repositories. Not just on Github.com, but elsewhere as well. Some repos would clone, others would fail with obscure messages. For a while no amount of Googling would lead me to a favorable result. Updating all of…

Spring 2021 Test Drive!

Using the latest Docker Desktop 3.2.x and Ubuntu 18.04

My main driver in WSL2 is usually Alpine, but I’ve initially encountered some issues with installing Lando there. Alpine is not for the weak! Instead I am going to use Ubuntu (18.04) in WSL2, and install Lando there.


  • Lando: Development environment centered around Docker and Docker Compose.
  • Lando releases page

Docker Desktop, Alpine Linux, WSL, SSH

Or: How to remove endless number of sessions

Note: if you want to know how to create your own SSH keys, visit Github to read Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent, and Testing your SSH connection.

When I open Windows Terminal into my Windows Subsystem…

No gamma death rays here

Docker, Drupal, and Solr: thoughts on creating an Alpine Docker image for Apache Solr

Today, I began my day by looking at this monstrosity of a Docker image for Apache Solr:


The image is fresh (from this month), and for all it’s worth it is as well constructed as it can be — it is after all, the official image from the World…

Varnish 6.x, Drupal 8.4+, WSL, Docker Desktop

Time to revisit an old trusty friend

It’s been a few years since I’ve touched a Varnish VCL. VCL is the Varnish Configuration Language. 2010 was the first time that I used Varnish while supporting a high traffic Drupal 6.x site for some media company headquartered in New York City.

Today I was tweaking and optimizing my…

It Never Changes

Keep It Classy, Drupal!

When this week I decided to take the Acquia Dev Desktop tool for a drive (see article #1, and article #2), upon installing the default Drupal profile I was greeted with what we call a WSOD.

WSODs are dreaded but also legendary within the PHP and Drupal communities as they…

Retro Style

Debugging like it’s 1999!

I remember when I landed my first job in continental United States, having moved from insular Puerto Rico to New York after the 2007–2009 Great Recession.

It was at the tony New York City headquarters of Time Out New York, back when Time Out was a separate entity from Time…

Back to The Past

2010 called, and it wants it’s GUI apps back

It’s that time of the year (or decade) where I’m again shopping for a new job, stepping outside of the enterprise bubble that I’ve lived for the last 3+ years. …

The SDK strikes back !

widevine licensing related, but widevine fault’s probably-not-so

After having successfully integrated the Spotify Web Playback SDK (at least initially) with the help of castLabs Electron distribution, I find myself peering again into the void of software development errors.

Using the same Quick Start example I used for my previous stories, I am able to get a Ready…

Callback Insanity

Organic, fair-sourced DevOps and Full-Stack things. This is a BYOB Establishment — Bring Your Own hipster Beard.

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