Capture and share your WSL 2 terminal sessions with terminalizer


Install curl:

Install NVM:

Open a new WSL terminal and verify NVM install:

Install the current (stable) version of Node, which is most likely what would be in use in my production environment:

Verify node install:

Install terminalizer:



Here come the permission issues


In case terminalizer does not allow you to record, ensure that your current WSL user has write permissions to the directory where you are saving the recording to.

For example, my WSL user currently can’t write to the Window’s user home directory:

However if I change directory to a location that the WSL user has WSL write permissions to, the recording is successful.

Notice that the group in my case has full permissions to my directory inside WSL.

These are the contents of my :

My current WSL user, whom I named , is part of the WSL group with GID :

And since the group has write permissions to my , everything works.

To add group write perms to the directory where I’m doing the recording, I just did a :

You can see here that my user is part of the group:

If you need to add your WSL user to a group, you can do so via :


Happy Dockerizing !

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