Customizing my WSL bash prompt

As part of my technical stories, I post a lot screenshots of the commands I run on my bash shell. This is a story about how to customize the default bash shell that ships with Windows Subsystem for Linux, Ubuntu distribution.

Photo by Marvin Heilemann on Unsplash
Today’s the daaaaaay !!!
# On /home/wsl/.profile
export PS1="\D{%Y-%m-%d-%I:%M%p} \u@$WSL_DISTRO_NAME: "
2020-01-29-12:59AM wsl@Ubuntu-18.04:
Specifying color sections
Green pill, or White pill, Neo
How bow dah? Cash me in bash?
It’s not much, but …
export PS1="\[\033[33m\]\D{%Y-%m-%d-%I:%M%p}\[\033[00m\] \[\033[32m\]\u@$WSL_DISTRO_NAME\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[36m\]\w\[\033[00m\]$ "
Itsssa beautiful!
Started at 1am
Business! Metrics!
Ebony and Ivory. Erm, Cyan and Magenta … In Harmony
export PS1="\[\033[36m\]\D{%Y-%m-%d-%I:%M%p}\[\033[00m\] \[\033[95m\]\u@$WSL_DISTRO_NAME\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[35m\]\w\[\033[00m\]$ "



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