Installing a branch using Yarn

Currently Spotify Web Helper is not working in my Node app. I want to try implementing this solution in my Node.js app:

I’ve been working on this on TimStallard/spotify-web-helper, on the branch without-webhelper. I’ve changed the default port to 4371, and removed all of the WebHelper code, and it appears to be working as expected on both Windows and Linux.

This repo is from October 2016, and there’s no guarantee that: 1) I’ll work in 2019; 2) That the spotify-web-helper program/protocol even exists in 2019.

But it’s worth a try, because why not.

How do I install the git branch named without-webhelper from the github repository TimStallard/spotify-web-helper ?


yarn add <git remote url>#<branch/commit/tag>


yarn add

(Credit for example:

So in our use case, that would be:

yarn add

And that’s it for this post!

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