The SDK strikes back !

Songs Skipping on Spotify Web Playback SDK

widevine licensing related, but widevine fault’s probably-not-so

After having successfully integrated the Spotify Web Playback SDK (at least initially) with the help of castLabs Electron distribution, I find myself peering again into the void of software development errors.

Each error causes songs to skip
A closer look at the errors
index.js:9 POST[token] 500
{errorMsg: "widevine error"} errorMsg: "widevine error" }

Over at Github


Next Steps


  1. Spotify’s questionable move to use a closed forum requiring dedicated login credentials instead of using the more community-friendly Github;
  2. The new forum being less than a month old (less community developers);
  3. The HTTP 500 error is coming from their own end, the SDK itself, even when the SDK validates that it’s properly loaded and authenticated;
Goodbye Spotify’s Web Playback SDK ?!?

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