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Thinking about Solr

Docker, Drupal, and Solr: thoughts on creating an Alpine Docker image for Apache Solr

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75 MB of code is a lot!

Apache Solr: Drupal module compatibility

The OG Apache Solr search Drupal module of yore, “Apache Solr Search” is sunset for Drupal 8, and available only for Drupal 7 and below.

Solr search support matrix for Drupal modules and Acquia. Credit:

Closing Thoughts

If anyone were to build their own Docker image for Apache Solr, with the goal of intentegrating such Solr service with a Drupal container, they would be advised to check what versions of Solr the existing Drupal modules are compatible with, as well as interoperability with Acquia Search in case you’d wanted to use Acquia Search for production environments.

  • You could still use the official image as your base image, then add some bespoke customizations on top of it that fit your particular Drupal development profile.
  • As an alternative you could either build the Java Open JDK from scratch (via maarten blokker).
  • Or, you could also build Solr from scratch, too (thank you Kai Chan).

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