Using React Fragments in Visual Studio Code 2019

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About React Fragments

The problem

// Visual Studio Version:
Version: 1.39.2
Commit: 6ab598523be7a800d7f3eb4d92d7ab9a66069390
Date: 2019–10–15T15:33:00.827Z
// The stack used for compilation as it appears in package.json.
“@babel/core”: “7.4.4”,
“@babel/preset-react”: “7.0.0”,
“@babel/preset-typescript”: “7.3.3”,
“babel-loader”: “8.0.6”,
“webpack”: “4.39.3”,
"react": "^16.8.6",

The research

The problem breakdown:

The fix:



Syntax broken — Language set to Javascript (Babel) in Visual Studio Code
Syntax fixed — Language set to Typescript React in Visual Studio Code

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