Yes and No. You can get containers with both WSL versions. But WSL2 greatly improves WSL2 -> to Docker Engine filesystem performance. So, not the same. With WSL version 1 Docker containers have to go through a translation layer to talk to the files on the Windows file system.

With WSL2 and newer versions of Docker, when you place your development files inside the WSL 2 filesystem — the intra-container-filesystem communication’s performance is near-native — a far cry from WSL 1. Which is one of the reasons why I wanted to write this post, to bring attention to the performance benefits, but also how to achieve them.

In order to get that native performance your files need to reside inside WSL2 and from there mount into Docker containers.

All the while Visual Studio Code has native-like visibility into your files residing inside the WSL filesystem.

Linux-native like performance, in Windows. Valhalla.


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